Hadoti School of Paintings -The Treasure of Rajput paintings

Hadoti is also known as Hadauti or Hadavati. It is a region of Rajasthan state in western India and the country of Hada Rajputs, comprises the territories of two states, Bundi and Kota. It includes the districts of Bundi, Baran, Jhalawar and Kota. The Bundi, Kota, Jhalawar and other styles of the local thikanas can be called the Hadoti style. The royal palace of Kota is famous for its wall paintings, which has scenes from the legend of......

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POSTED BY: Manglesh Dashora

26 January 2010


Bundi - Kota - Jhalawar - Baran Towards the southeast is one of Rajasthan's least ecplored regions. It is a region that is full of great historical towns with a proud heritage dating back several centuries. Hadoti has a wealth of...

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Bundi Festival 2015 - November 28 (Saturday)

Bundi, one of the most attractive, beautiful locations in the Hadoti district Rajasthan comes alive during the Bundi Utsav held in the month of November-December every year. Bundi Utsav is a spectacular culmination of . ...

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