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Dussehra Mela -Kota

On the 10th day of Ashwin and Kartik when people celebrate Dussehra, colossal effigies of Ravana are burned in several places to mark the victory of Ram.It is also called 'Vijaya Dashami' as this day marks the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana.Along with Ravana, effigies of his brother Kumbhkarna and son Meghnad are also burned marking an end of all evils. People dress up as Ram and Lakshman and shoot arrows of fire at these effigies which are loaded with explosives symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

Dussehra Festival is very popular and famous festival of kota Rajasthan. Dussehra fair is the one of the big festivals celebrated in most parts of India. Specially dussehra festival celebrated in kota where people enjoys this lot.

Dussehra marks the victory of Ram over the devil king Ravan. This kota dussehra fail or kota dussehra mela is the biggest fair in rajasthan which held every year in a big mela ground at kota. all things are being sold here like A to z. home goods, jewellery etc. amusement items are also the main attraction of this kota dussehra mela.

Mela or fairs are a major highlight of Dussehra festivities. Fairs are organized in Kota where stalls are set up for shopping and joy-rides and other activities for kids are organized, and the streets are bustling with people gathered to see huge effigies of Ravan burn. It is one of the big festivals celebrated in most parts of India is Dussehra. The festival is celebrated with zest and festivities as it also marks the beginning of the winter season after the long, unbearable, hot summer.