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With colors of tradition

At the time of its festivals and fairs, the whole of the Hadoti region gets embellished with color and exuberance. Due to its integrity to the Rajasthani culture, most of the people of the Hadoti region practice Hinduism. They also fete almost all the traditional Rajasthani festivals like Deepawali, Holi, Gangaur, Teej, Gogaji, Makar Sankranti and Janmashtami. Pushkar, too, one of the significant festivals of Rajasthan, has been feted in the Hadoti with great festivity.

Also, there is a small subdivision of Keshorai Patan, which is situated some forty kilometers from Bundi city and about twenty-one kilometersfrom Kota. It specially gets enchanted with the mood of festivity and Pushkar celebration. Early in the morning, on the banks of the river Chambal, both males and females dress up in costumes. In the crystal-clear waters of the river `Charmanyavati` or Chambal of Keshori Patan of the Hadoti, they float illumined diyas into the river water and seek blessings with prayers. Numerous villagers travel by ferry to reach the area. The local market of this palace of Hadoti, too. is thronged with people who also take a consecrated dip in the " Charmanyawati".

In order to felicitate the development and industrial growth of Rajasthan state, a special Hadoti industrial fair is observed in Kota. Several entrepreneurs have been invited here to take initiatives in this regard. The State Government, too. has given its wholehearted support to these endeavors.

Being a part of Rajasthan state, the region of Hadoti is agrarian and the majority of its people work in agriculture. Wheat, barley, pulses, and sugarcane are the main staple crops. The region too is enriched with the resources of oil seeds and minerals. Various dance forms and musical melodies are quite popular amongst the people of Hadoti region, which recreate them and thus elevate their spirits.